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Project Manager
Aarhus, Denmark
We are seeking a dedicated and proactive project manager with worldwide exposure for our airborne geophysical surveys. The role is pivotal to our operations, requiring a candidate with practical field experience.
Field Manager / Technician
Americas and Australia
SkyTEM is seeking an eager and able-to-travel field worker based in the USA, Canada or Australia to operate proprietary airborne geophysical survey equipment used to map subsurface features from a helicopter platform in a variety of working conditions.

Testimonials from SkyTEM employees

Adrian Mørch
Project Manager & Senior Field Manager
“Working at SkyTEM is a unique experience! It is one part adventure, two parts innovation and a spoonful of team spirit. Teamwork is at the heart of our success, creating a supportive and collaborative atmosphere while striving to deliver high-quality data and make a difference in the world.“
Lasse Bæk Andersen
Development Engineer
"As a mechanical engineering intern at SkyTEM in 2018, I tackled various tasks, including 3D printing, drone operations, FEA simulations, and high-performance composite manufacturing. The company's culture prioritizes innovation, creativity, analysis, and real-world testing. This dynamic environment, coupled with strong team camaraderie, has kept me at SkyTEM ever since."
Anita Kordrostamy
Geophysicist and Project Manager
“My favourite part of my work is the freedom and flexibility to do it on my own schedule, so I can ensure the best possible results and deliverables. In addition to understanding how everyone is different, there is room to grow and explore as an individual and with the company. There is a strong sense of security here."
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