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SkyTEM measures variations in the physical parameters of the earth.

These parameters are conductivity (or resistivity), magnetic susceptibility and radioactive element concentrations. Changes in the top 600m of the earth’s subsurface that produce measurable variations in these parameters present potential applications for SkyTEM technology.

Airborne Geophysics

Alterations in mineralogy, moisture content, stratigraphy, porosity and salinity have the potential to be detected by airborne electromagnetic (EM) surveys and can be represented in three dimensional images.

Airborne magnetic surveys map variations due primarily to the magnetite content of rock. Radiometric surveys measure the radiation of one or more of the earth’s natural radioelements – potassium, uranium, and thorium.

Airborne Geophysical Detection

SkyTEM systems are designed to detect subtle variations in conductivity/resistivity making it possible to deliver accurate high resolution images of alterations in the earth.

The magnetometer and gamma ray spectrometer are mounted directly on the EM frame so that measurements are made as close to the ground as possible from an airborne platform. This increases the probability of detecting variations important to an understanding of the subsurface.

Processing & Products

High Quality Data

Data Processing

SkyTEM’s data processing is based on cutting-edge proprietary software tailored to SkyTEM instruments. The high quality data collected is clean and robust enough to process the day it is acquired.

SkyTEM conducts a thorough analysis of the collected data to identify anomalies that differentiate conductive/resistive zones. Conductor axes are delineated and features of interest are identified for any required ground follow-up.

Standard deliverables are based on industry standard techniques as well as on 1D interpretation of data. 1D-interpretation, available soon after acquisition, is an excellent tool for providing quick depth-conductivity information. In areas of 3D-structures quick delivery of 1D-interpretations can be of great value when used in combination with other kinds of presentations.

The final deliverables include a wide range of survey products such as maps, resistivity depth sections and vertical model sections. For selected anomaly targets SkyTEM Surveys offers 2D/3D-modelling to provide better resolution than what is attainable with other faster techniques.

Data QC

Data QC is done in the field immediately after the flying is complete, and preliminary data is provided to the client by the end of each production day. Furthermore, additional data QC is conducted at the head office after each production day.


SkyTEM often consults with clients before, during and after completion of the survey. After final data processing and reporting the client is offered a meeting to present and discuss general survey results. Additional details concerning the survey and timely answers to any questions can be provided.

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