15, April 2024

Danish Industry Business Oscars go to SkyTEM

Uncovering Earth’s Hidden Treasures – From the Air

New technology aims to bring us closer to the goal of a sustainable society. The company SkyTEM Survey ApS in Lisbjerg near Aarhus is a prime example.

Head of R&D and Manufacturing Kristoffer Skovgaard Mohr (left) received DI’s Initiative Award on behalf of SkyTEM. DI’s Vice President Kim Haggren (right) presented the award at DI’s SME Conference in Copenhagen. Photo: Bjarke Ørsted.

With the company’s research-based technology, one can easily locate Earth’s hidden treasures without the need for drilling boreholes. SkyTEM has developed a solution that empowers us to map the Earth’s groundwater resources and essential minerals necessary for the green transition, all from helicopters and drones. This groundbreaking technology allows us to delve into depths of 500 meters below the Earth’s surface, all without even lifting a shovel.

“It gives me great pleasure to present the Business Oscars to a company that, despite much uncertainty in the world, is able to create something new that also benefits the green transition. Well done, and it truly deserves to be rewarded in the highest regard,”

said Vice President Kim Haggren, Danish Industry.

By flying over a landscape in a helicopter equipped with the gear originally developed by SkyTEM in collaboration with researchers at Aarhus University, groundwater quantities can be measured accurately down to 500 meters deep – without the need to dig into the ground. This means water resources can be located quickly and efficiently, as well as minerals and other geophysical conditions.

“We are very pleased to win DI’s Initiative Award 2023. It means that there is a lot of positive attention on our technology, so we are really proud of the award and winning it in a strong field of nominees,”

said CEO Flemming Effersøe, CEO at SkyTEM Surveys.

DI’s Initiative Award is a tribute to small and medium-sized enterprises. In 2023, there was a particular focus on rewarding companies that have created a strong foundation for growth by thinking innovatively and creating new sustainable solutions – in a world marked by change and uncertainty with rising material prices, uncertain global supply chains, and labour shortages.

“We are aware that the innovation we make should be used for sustainable solutions, so that we can solve some of the challenges the planet faces with water supply, climate, and being able to build roads and bridges in the right places, so that we can also access the minerals, such as copper, nickel, and other minerals needed for the green transition,”

says Flemming Effersøe.

The other nominees for the award were Boxen Emballage A/S in Nørresundby and Skovgaard Energy A/S in Lemvig. The prize includes an artwork created by Trine Drivsholm from Ebeltoft.

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