Yarwun Tailings Storage Facility

Yarwun-Tailngs-Storage-FacilitySkyTEM Surveys’ Australian partner, GroundProbe, conducted an airborne suvery for Rio Tinto Alcan to assess current and potential impacts of planned expansions to its Yarwun Tailngs Storage Facility (TSF).

Using the unique high-resolution and calibrated SkyTEM airborne system, GroundProbe was able to clearly define several major geological structures that are possible conduits for groundwater flow from the USF and therefore need to be investigated carefully.

By combining the airborne data with borehole logging and sampling information, an integrated hydrogeological investigation and analysis of the area was performed. This resulted in a more accurate hydrogeological model than would be otherwise possible, as shown below.

The result fo this process is that the cuyrrent TSF at Yarwun can now be managed in a more effective manner and the planned expansions designed ensuring there will be minimum impacts on the area’s groundwater regime.

combining airborne data with borehole logging

Map of results with air photo, clearly showing important features