XRI and SkyTEM partner to deliver solutions for water exploration

geophysical water exploration partnership with XRIPartnership for geophysical water exploration

Exploration Resources International Geophysics, LLC (XRI) and SkyTEM Surveys (SkyTEM) have partnered to combine advanced methodology and technology for the exploration of water resources. As the world increasingly consumes water resources, management of these resources requires appropriate, reliable and timely information to ensure water is available when and where it is needed. This collaboration brings together highly developed expertise to deliver solutions focused on the acquisition, modeling and characterization of groundwater resources. The partnership combines years of XRI’s best-in-class geophysical and hydrogeological expertise with SkyTEM’s state-of-the-art airborne aquifer mapping technology. This combination of leading-edge knowledge and tools for assessing fresh and saline water resources will help communities, industries and resource sectors manage these limited and vulnerable resources sustainably, today and into the future. “Combining XRI’s hydrogeological expertise with SkyTEM’s advanced and focused helicopter-borne data acquisition systems allows us to deliver superior and accurate geological and hydrogeological information to governments and private industry at a time when it is needed most” said Jared Abraham, an XRI Senior Research Geophysicist. “High resolution images of the earth’s subsurface combined with our team’s knowledge and expertise at assessing water resources makes it possible for us to deliver critical and much needed information. Those faced with the challenges of properly managing their groundwater can now make informed and appropriate decisions”. Groundwater is one of the nation’s most important natural resources and it is increasingly essential to provide effective programs for management of aquifer systems worldwide. Proper management requires thorough knowledge of the aquifer system. This includes dependable information on geographic extents, volume, water quality recharge and outflow levels. SkyTEM’s airborne electromagnetic (AEM) systems are non-invasive and provide a quick economic method for mapping groundwater, particularly for large areas or areas where land access is limited or difficult. XRI interprets the airborne data to deliver 2D and 3D images used to build hydrogeological frameworks for groundwater quality investigations, groundwater flow modeling and groundwater management planning. “SkyTEM was developed specifically to map aquifers and this partnership allows us to deliver superior map products to our clients while meeting their specific needs and schedules” said Bill Brown, Regional Manager, SkyTEM Canada. “XRI’s capabilities and experience add a tremendous amount of value to our data and by working with us, our clients can now receive the full benefit from the quality and thoroughness of our work. Together we share a commitment to collecting and delivering the best possible data available in the market today.”

About XRI

XRI is a fully integrated geosciences company with proven solutions in geophysics, geology, hydrology, water resource engineering and management, geospatial applications and geotechnical engineering. XRI’s professional staff are expert in their fields and have decades of experience that spans seven continents. The company works closely and collaboratively with private and public industry and government customers to deliver comprehensive solutions through a variety of modeling, analytical and applied techniques.

About SkyTEM

SkyTEM is a time-domain airborne geophysical system engineered to deliver accurate high-resolution maps of changes in geology from the very near surface to depths of hundreds of meters. The SkyTEM method, developed in Denmark specifically to map aquifers, has been applied for groundwater studies worldwide – from mapping aquifers in the Galapagos Islands and salt water encroachment in Australia to identifying paleochannels in the USA’s Ogallala Aquifer and ice and water distribution beneath Antarctica. SkyTEM technology is also applied to a variety of environmental and engineering studies. For more information contact: XRI Lydia Henshaw, Portfolio Manager 6270 Highway 80 East Vicksburg, MS 39180 601-738-0236 SkyTEM Canada Inc. Bill Brown, Regional Sales Manager 62 Hall Street Ayr, Ontario N0B1E0 519-502-1436