SkyTEM fast 312 SkyTEM, architects of MultiMoment® TEM technology, once again take airborne geophysics to the next level with the fastest helicopter data acquisition available. Engineered with a rigid aerodynamic carrier frame SkyTEM312FAST remains straight and level during high-speed flight benefiting data quality as well as survey efficiency and economy.


  • Data collection at speeds up to 150 kph
  • Late time gate of 15 ms and 510,000 NIA to maximize depth of penetration
  • Ideal for large regional surveys and data collection over level terrain
  • Low terrain clearance between 35 to 60 m and ability to drape fly
  • High logistics flexibility with traditional mob rates and short ferry distances
  • Delivery of high quality data within 24 to 48 hours of acquisition

Download one-page fact sheet here: SkyTEMFAST.