SkyTEM101 – A New Airborne Mapping Tool

SkyTEM 101 airborne mapping toolThe SkyTEM101 system was developed for the NiCA project (Nitrate Reduction in a Geologically Heterogeneous Catchment – and was tested in the Norsminde Fjord catchment in Denmark as part of the project. The purpose of the geophysical mapping was to map the near surface aquifers by producing a detailed description of the geology in the upper 30 metres. This geophysical mapping then forms the basis of detailed geological and hydrological models for determining the transport and reduction of nitrate in the catchment.

This case study compares the airborne mapping with drillings and the project was conducted by SkyTEM Surveys ApS, Aarhus Geophysics ApS and the HydroGeophysics Group, Aarhus University.

Download the case study SkyTEM101_NiCA.