SkyTEM survey at Okiep Copper Project for Orion Minerals

Orion Minerals Limited is pleased to announce that the Okiep District SkyTEM helicopter borne geophysical survey has commenced. Importantly, the SkyTEM survey includes the Okiep Copper Project area, located 570km north of Cape Town in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, which is currently under option to Orion.

Okiep Copper Project
The combined Council for Geosciences (CGS) and Orion field teams have confirmed that the recently announced SkyTEM survey has commenced. The regional survey will cover an area of approximately 1,827 km2, with approximately 1,073 line kms flown at 1km line spacing. Orion’s focussed exploration area of approximately 857km2 will have 6,157 line kms flown at 150m line spacing.