Oil and Gas

SkyTEM is recognized globally as the best technology for mapping aquifers. Now the oil and gas sector is taking advantage these enhanced resolution systems for their ability to accurately map subtle changes in lateral geology and for the reliable inputs they deliver for detailed interpretation – from the very near surface to depth.

SkyTEM data is used to map shallow gas reservoirs, fresh, saline and acidic groundwater and to characterize deeper buried pathways such as pleistocene channels, paleovalleys, paleochannels and incised or glacial fluvial valleys. SkyTEM’s Dual Moment capability makes it possible to map these formations at varying depths concurrently with near surface targets, such as aggregates, that can be of geotechnical interest and potential engineering value.

SkyTEM data is particularly valuable to the oil and gas sector because:

  • SkyTEM data has been shown to correlate closely to seismic data. Overburden thickness can be determined and the data can be used in advance of seismic and MT surveys for static corrections. A common static correction is a weathering correction that compensates for a layer of low seismic velocity material near the surface of the earth.
  • The thickness, distribution of, and depth to shale cap rock, basement topography, and lateral and vertical delineation of oil sand units can be mapped so that strategic drill holes can be targeted with greater confidence. Bedrock rippability can also be determined.
  • Fractures in the earth can be identified as well as clay caps in the near surface that trap gas and water beneath. Steam migration can also be monitored.
    SkyTEM data assists in the identification of higher potential drill targets compared with drilling deep expensive holes based on limited geological knowledge. A 4” bore hole represents approximately 1/ millionth of an acre whereas an airborne survey provides total coverage.
  • SkyTEM data can be processed and preliminary results delivered within 48 hours. Targets of interest can be identified and more thorough mapping can be performed while the helicopter and crew are still on site.


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