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Mineral Exploration with Airborne Geophysics

Accurate Targeting

Resulting from a calibrated system and high resolution data near surface to depth


Rapid acquisition speeds and delivery of advanced products for reduced exploration budgets


Benefits gained from fast acquisition and delivery of high quality time domain electromagnetic (TEM) data


Looking to depths up to or greater than 500 metres in some cases

SkyTEM System Features

The SkyTEM method is applied globally for mineral exploration. As the only system capable of operating in dual transmitter modes SkyTEM delivers accurate near surface data together with data to depths up to or greater than 500 m in some cases. The system discriminates between weak geological contrasts giving a more complete and accurate interpretation of geology while increasing confidence in modeling deeper geological structure.

Other advantages for resource exploration are:

Fast turn-off time and early time data for resolving near surface layers as well as more resistive layers;

Extremely high signal to noise ratio and late time gates for enhanced data quality at depth;

Elimination of signal drift and a one-time calibration procedure so data manipulation is greatly reduced and inversions can be delivered within 2 days of acquisition;

All sensors mounted on the rigid carrier frame to measure frame geometry and orientation for ensuring extremely accurate inversions;

No operator required in the helicopter reducing weight, fuel consumption and risk;

No STC is required, allowing for quick installation in a variety of helicopter types.

Mineral Exploration

Airborne geophysical data provides a valuable input into mineral exploration programs for the identification of follow-up targets.

As airborne geophysical data acquisition can be an expensive exercise, it is vitally important to retrieve as much information as possible from the data to enhance the likelihood of exploration success. SkyTEM offers system flexibility to match the geological environment and will work with the client to tailor a solution which will achieve exploration and planning goals in the most economic manner.

Mineral Exploration - soil layers

SkyTEM’s constant research and development in the airborne EM field allows exploration companies to apply our innovative technology to quickly collect the most accurate and highest quality data, from which beneficial information can be extracted. This data is of benefit not only to the mineral exploration team, but can be used by environmental, hydrological and geotechnical departments to bring together a cohesive socially and economically sustainable mining program in the future.

Advanced Exploration

The latest stage of development in global economic restructuring is marked by upheaval brought about through technological innovations.

By introducing breakthrough technology such as dual-moment data collection, rigid carrier frames and FAST modes of operation, SkyTEM gives exploration companies a way to look beyond traditional and outdated methods. The mantra of constant innovation and improvement provides the driving force behind the scientists, geophysicists and engineers of the SkyTEM team.

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Water, Mineral Exploration & Geotechnical
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