Health Safety Environment and Community (HSEC)


Recently SkyTEM Surveys flew a survey for BHP Billiton in Saskatchewan. The SkyTEM data will enable BHP Billiton to better understand and protect aquifers in the area of the survey as well as aid in the selection of an appropriate site for placement of mine tailings. Preliminary data was delivered before the SkyTEM crew left the site. The survey operations were carried out successfully under the newly developed SkyTEM HSEC management system.

We are very proud to have developed and implemented a Health Safety Environment and Community (HSEC) management system that complies with the requirements set by the most demanding international companies. It is a challenge to reach this high level but we are confident our clients recognize and appreciate our focus on health and safety. We look forward to working with all our clients to deliver high quality geophysical data with high regard to health and safety issues.