Faster SkyTEM system – for quick and cost-effective surveying

SkyTEM fast 312 system

Airborne geophysical techniques are increasingly applied worldwide as a solution for a wide array of geotechnical and engineering challenges and in particular for groundwater resource management. Aquifers are often buried under large swathes of land often comprising thousands of square kilometres and mapping them has sometimes been carried out with fixed wing electro-magnetic (EM) systems. Fixed wing surveys have several drawbacks including the requirement to fly at safe but high altitudes, which reduces data resolution.  Against this backdrop, SkyTEM, accepted globally as the leading technology for high resolution aquifer mapping, has launched SkyTEM312FAST – a quick, accurate and cost-effective method for regional surveys. SkyTEM312FAST offers:

  • Highly aerodynamic design for data acquisition speeds approaching 150 kph
  • The ability to safely drape the terrain with a low clearance of between 35-60 metres
  • Logistics flexibility and short ferry distances for improved economics
  • A dipole moment of 510,000 NIA to maximize the depth of exploration
  • Delivery of high quality data within 24 to 48 hours of acquisition
  • Accurate near-surface-to-depth data for the creation of 3D images for better visualization of geology
  • Optional magnetic and radiometric data collected concurrently

SkyTEM312FAST is now acknowledged as a strong alternative to fixed-wing EM particularly when cost-effectiveness and data quality are crucial considerations.

Download SkyTEM FAST fact sheet here: SkyTEM_FAST.