SkyTEM Multi Geophysical Airborne Surveys

geophysics and explorationThe objective of the whitepaper is to summarize the efforts of SkyTEM development team to extend the capability of SkyTEM time-domain electromagnetic systems in order to acquire multi geophysical data. We are also proud to introduce unique geophysical system capable to acquire simultaneously dual-moment time domain electromagnetic, magnetic and gamma-ray spectrometry data at the same height level.

The system is designated for different applications where it is required to acquire multi-geophysical with high resolution and low terrain clearance. This is possible because we have found way how to place all sensors on the same carrier and acquire all data without to interfere each other. The key of the success was to use a concept of light-weight robust spectrometers and full spectrum analysis method as an alternative to heavy big volume spectrometers placed on aircraft and conventional windows method. Certainly we can offer the big volume NaI spectrometer concept accepted as industry standard, however we believe that the light weight spectrometer concept may provide better data resolution.

Download the whitepaper Whitepaper – Combined GRS Surveys.