Danish water technology in White House summit

SkyTEM Waterville

On 22 March Barack Obama invited to the summit “Moonshot for Water” in connection with the World Water Day in the White House, Washington DC. The participants were more than 200 decision-makers from the President’s office, federal, state and local offices as well as NGOs and Universities.

The US is facing challenges on drought and unnecessary water of water resources. Over the years to come, billion-dollar investments will have to be made to reduce the Americans’ water and energy consumption. Together with a handful of Danish water technology businesses, the SkyTEM technology was part of a consortium of Danish water expertise.

The solutions were presented in a Lego model of a town named Waterville built of 20,000 Lego blocks with a 1.5m tall skyscraper, water supply, wastewater treatment plan and a SkyTEM frame hooked under a hoovering helicopter.

Read more about the participation in a press release from the Ministry of Environment and Food in Denmark here.

And see a clip from Danish television TV 2 here (in Danish only).