Dampier Peninsula Survey for the Department of Water, Western Australia

Dampier Peninsula Survey for water in western australiaThe Department of Water, WA has recently awarded GroundProbe the tender for the provison of airborne geophysical exploration services over approximately 4,200 km2 of the Dampier Peninsula.

Read the tender here.


The objective of the geophysical study is to determine:

  • the depth to the water table, the depth to the base of aquifer;
  • identification of the clay layers near the surface;
  • the location of the saltwater interface.

The project is part of a four year, $78 million Royalties for Regions investment (Department of Regional Development and Lands, Western Australian Government) for groundwater water investigations, floodplain infrastructure improvements (Gascoyne only) and natural resource management (NRM).

As available drilling information in this area is spatially limited, information provided by this study will assist with the conceptualisation of the hydrogeology and determine the quantity and quality of available groundwater resources for the benefit of government, local communities and industry.

The exploration objectives will be met by combining the highly detailed, near-surface capabilities of the SkyTEM304 with the deep regional hydrogeological mapping data the SkyTEM508 to provide an integrated image of the groundwater potential in this region.