Cooperation agreement with NGI on geotechnical surveys

NGINGI (Norwegian Geotechnical Institute) and SkyTEM have signed a cooperation agreement integrating SkyTEM’s leading technology in airborne geophysical surveys and NGI’s Unique competence in the application of this method for site investigations.

The agreement will initially focus on the geotechnical application of Airborne Electromagnetic Mapping (AEM). NGI and SkyTEM are currently working on Projects with airborne geophysics in Zambia and Bhutan.

In 2013 NGI and SkyTEM performed Norway’s first geotechnical AEM project with great success. High quality AEM data Integrated with NGI’s geotechnical borings enabled the production of a 3D model of the ground bedrock surface and indicated areas which, with great probability, contained quick clay. The use of AEM led to a substantial reduction in the number of soil investigations and penetration tests, and thereby to a substantial reduction in the cost. In addition, the site investigations were completed in a shorter period of time.

Read more on NGI’s website Cooperation agreement – airborne site investigations.