Kavango Resources plc, Botswana: SkyTEM makes a huge difference

Chief Geologist Mike Moles from Kavango Resources states:

In the past, the main problem with the lower frequency surveys was noise. This was mostly due to the vibrations caused by the helicopter, and particularly that associated with wind-shear. After the disappointing depth penetration of the VTEM system, we learnt that the Danish company SkyTEM were claiming to have solved the noise issues with a 12.5 Hz frequency system. Further enquiries and endorsements by companies that had used the system convinced Kavango to see if this new system would be available for our Phase 2 survey.

 The added depth penetration of the SkyTEM system has made a huge difference to what we can “see” below the surface. It is like being able to see the whole body rather than just the top of its head.”

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SkyTEM survey completed for White Rock Minerals

White Rock Minerals Ltd. announces the completion of their airborne electromagnetic SkyTEM survey in Central Alaska on their Red Mountain high-grade zinc and precious metals VMS project.

Read the entire press release from White Rock Minerals here.

SkyTEM airborne EM survey completed for Orion Minerals

A 148 km2 high-power SkyTEM airborne EM survey completed on the near-mine target area at Orion Minerals Prieska Zinc-Copper Project

The survey was flown with the highly innovative SkyTEM312 HP (high-power) technology for deep target imaging. This high-power system, with a peak moment up to 1,000,000 NIA, is optimised to provide exceptional depth of investigation, due to the high moment mode with high current and low base frequency of 12.5 Hz.

Read the entire press release from Orion Minerals (pp 5-6) published on 16 January 2019 here.

Preliminary results of the SkyTEM survey showing CH30Z response and location of known deposits



SkyTEM – mapping Antarctica to improve understanding of climate changes

See brilliant video at The Wall Street Journal.

SkyTEM takes the stage at the 6 min 15 sec mark.

SkyTEM seminar in Toronto

Our SkyTEM Canada team hosted our first seminar in Toronto, Canada on November 29th, 2018 with guest speaker Alan King of Geoscience North.

On the agenda:  a presentation from SkyTEM Canada’s Senior Geophysicist, Doug Garrie;  An Overview of the SkyTEM systems as well as a Case Study:  Areachap Belt, South Africa with SkyTEM 312HP (High Power) flown at a base frequency of 12.5 Hz followed by an excellent presentation “Distinct Features and a Comparison with other AEM systems” presented by Alan King.

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SkyTEM survey for Orion Minerals in Northern Cape

Orion Minerals has announced the commencement of a SkyTEM airborne EM survey at Prieska Project designed to explore for new zinc-copper deposits on Orion’s tenements within the highly prospective Prieska Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Camp to identify new drilling targets.

Orion has contracted SkyTEM, a leading AEM survey company headquartered in Denmark which offers a state-of-the-art helicopter-borne transient electromagnetic TEM and magnetic acquisition system, to fly the 822 line-km TEM survey. The survey will be flown with the highly innovative SkytEM 312 HP (high power) technology for deep target imaging.  This high-power system, with a peak moment up to 1,000,000 NIA, is optimised to provide an exceptional depth of investigation due to the high moment mode with high current and low base frequence of 12.5 Hz.

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SkyTEM Survey for Cazaly Resources in Namibia


Cazaly Resources Limited has now received and processed data from an airborne electromagnetic survey (EM) conducted over the Kaoko Kobalt Project in Namibia.

The airborne survey was conducted over five separate blocks where prevous work highlighted the potential for strate bound cobalt/copper mineralisation.

The survey results successfully highlighted discrete conductive zones in a number of areas highlighting potential for sediment-hosted mineralisation and possible feeder zones in structurally complex areas.

Read the entire press release from Cazaly Resources here.

SkyTEM survey identifies 18 high priority bedrock conductors for Macarthur Minerals

A heliborne SkyTEM electromagnetic survey for Macarthur Minerals has identified 18 high priority bedrock conductors at the Hillside Gold project in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. All anomalies correlate with the historic gold workings, surface copper and gold geochemical anomalies, magnetic anomalies or fault systems.

Read the entire news release from Macarthur Minerals here.

SkyTEM Africa seminar

The recent SkyTEM Africa Seminar, hosted by our Regional Sales Manager, Christina Hutchinson, was once again thé event to attend. This took place at The Pivot Conference Centre, Southern Sun Montecasino Hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa on September 13, 2018.

The agenda: a presentation on a truly innovative new generation SkyTEM312 high power electromagnetic system launched in 2017 and a case study from the Areachap belt in South Africa presented by SkyTEM’s CEO, Dr Flemming Effersø, followed by a presentation titled “SkyTEM – Burning the candle at both ends” presented by SkyTEM’s guest speaker, Mr Cas Lotter, Managing Director at Spectral Geophysics.

SkyTEM Canada accelerates growth with opening of an office in Toronto

New office expansion enables SkyTEM Canada to accelerate growth in airborne geophysical survey services, data processing, consulting and customer support.

SkyTEM Canada, a provider of airborne geophysical survey services, is pleased to announce the official opening of its sales and data processing office in Toronto, Ontario to deliver high level data support services and accommodate rapid growth.  Sales Manager – Mineral Exploration, Mandy Long states “our business and company has grown significantly over the last 3 years. We recently hired Doug Garrie to manage our North American consulting and data processing services and support our growth strategy. Downtown Toronto is a sensible choice for us and for our clients and gives us the opportunity to further expand staffing and capabilities in the mineral exploration, geotechnical and environmental sectors, as well as increase our ability to service current and future markets” said Long.

Dr. Flemming Effersø, CEO of SkyTEM Surveys ApS said “our North American office is specifically and solely designed to cater to the sales, project management and support needs of our North American clients.  While our main goal is to ensure that our existing clients get the timely service and support they need, we also wish to extend a warm welcome to all North American companies seeking accurate high quality geophysical data.”

About SkyTEM Canada

SkyTEM acquires high-quality airborne geophysical data through a range of systems and map deliverables via its proprietary technology. Their services are employed globally for mineral, oil & gas and water exploration and by the environmental and engineering sectors for accurate high quality characterization of natural resources and geological conditions.


Mandy Long, Regional Sales Manager
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