Third rail alignment survey completed

GroundProbe has recently completed its third SkyTEM survey to assist with geotechnical and civil planning for new rail lines in Queensland. These surveys have allowed customers to develop a more accurate model of the corridor earlier and cheaper than is possible with drilling alone.

SkyTEM508 in Australia

The new SkyTEM508 system, featuring the Super High Moment capability, has recently arrived in Australia. It will be flying the Nepean AEM test range in late February, before heading to the Musgraves region in South Australia for its first commercial programs.

GroundProbe and SkyTEM at ASEG 2012

In late February, GroundProbe will be presenting several papers on SkyTEM, focusing on groundwater quality and coal exploration applications. Please drop by and see us at booth 71/72!

SkyTEM expands into Africa

SkyTEM now has a system in South Africa. Survey flying began in the Sishen mining area in the Northern Cape Province. Please contact us for a quote and to secure a place on our schedule.

Three high priority targets identified in Greenland

greenlandNorth American Nickel (“NAN”) is pleased to announce that the three-dimensional modelling of SkyTEM helicopter time domain electromagnetic (EM) data collected last fall over parts of its Maniitsoq project in southwest Greenland is complete and has identified three high priority targets for follow-up this summer. Read NAN’s press release here.

Health Safety Environment and Community (HSEC)


Recently SkyTEM Surveys flew a survey for BHP Billiton in Saskatchewan. The SkyTEM data will enable BHP Billiton to better understand and protect aquifers in the area of the survey as well as aid in the selection of an appropriate site for placement of mine tailings. Preliminary data was delivered before the SkyTEM crew left the site. The survey operations were carried out successfully under the newly developed SkyTEM HSEC management system.

We are very proud to have developed and implemented a Health Safety Environment and Community (HSEC) management system that complies with the requirements set by the most demanding international companies. It is a challenge to reach this high level but we are confident our clients recognize and appreciate our focus on health and safety. We look forward to working with all our clients to deliver high quality geophysical data with high regard to health and safety issues.

Results from SkyTEM survey for North American Nickel

airborne survey for nickelNorth American Nickel provides a comparison between 2011 SkyTEM and 1995 GeoTEM geophysical survey over Maniitsoq, Greenland project, in a recent press release.

The SkyTEM geophysical system is detecting conductors not seen before and is also resolving previously known EM anomalies in much greater detail. These results have met or exceeded North American Nickel’s expectations and firmly establish that the new exploration technology available today is able to identify new, previously unrecognized targets, North American Nickels states. Read the full press release here.

Monster Mining completes SkyTEM exploration programs

monster-miningMonster Mining Corp. has completed its 2011 Keno-Lightning and McKay Hill exploration programs and has received the results and interpretation of the airborne geophysical program conducted in June this year. SkyTEM Surveys conducted a 1920 line kilometre TDEM survey. The SkyTEM system, which is capable of producing high resolution, highly accurate data from surface to depths of up to 300 m, is well-suited to identifying steeply dipping to vertical conductors and resolving minor differences in lithological conductivity. The survey was designed to generate exploration targets outside of the known occurrences and assist in structural interpretations of the geology and mineralization on Keno-Lightning. Read more in Monster Mining’s press release.

SkyTEM Surveys has completed project in Maniitsoq, Greenland


SkyTEM Surveys has completed a project in Maniitsoq, Greenland for North Americal Nickel Inc.

The skyTEM system arrived in Maniitsoq on September 15, flying commenced on September 17  and the survey was completed on October 6. In all, a total of 2,217 line-kilometers of electromagnetic and magnetic surveying was done over two flight blocks.

Examination of the preliminary data indicates it is of good quality and that the helicopter was able to hug the terrain despite the rugged topography. A final, levelled dataset and initial interpretation is expected from SkyTEM within 7 to 8 weeks.

Read North American Nickel’s full news release here.

Electromagnetic giant scanner in the battle for pure water

SkyTEM has conducted a survey in Denmark for GEUS (the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland) with the purpose of identifying the washing out of nitrogen in streams.