Australian Exploration Geoscience Conference 2019

Australian Exploration Geoscience Conference (AEGC2019)

2-5 September 2019

Perth, Western Australia

Booth # 40A

Dr Flemming Effersø, CEO of SkyTEM, will give a presentation titled: “VMS and NiCu exploration using an integrated geophysical and drilling method” on Thursday 5 September at 14:55.


Africa Downunder 2019

Africa Downunder

4-6 September 2019

Perth, Western Australia

Meet SkyTEM at Africa Downunder.

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Kavango Resources plc, Botswana: SkyTEM makes a huge difference

Chief Geologist Mike Moles from Kavango Resources states:

In the past, the main problem with the lower frequency surveys was noise. This was mostly due to the vibrations caused by the helicopter, and particularly that associated with wind-shear. After the disappointing depth penetration of the VTEM system, we learnt that the Danish company SkyTEM were claiming to have solved the noise issues with a 12.5 Hz frequency system. Further enquiries and endorsements by companies that had used the system convinced Kavango to see if this new system would be available for our Phase 2 survey.

 The added depth penetration of the SkyTEM system has made a huge difference to what we can “see” below the surface. It is like being able to see the whole body rather than just the top of its head.”

Read the entire Q&A article in Value The Markets here.


SkyTEM survey completed for White Rock Minerals

White Rock Minerals Ltd. announces the completion of their airborne electromagnetic SkyTEM survey in Central Alaska on their Red Mountain high-grade zinc and precious metals VMS project.

Read the entire press release from White Rock Minerals here.

AGU-SEG Airborne Geophysics Workshop

SkyTEM is exhibiting at the AGU-SEG Airborne Geophysics Workshop from June 10 -13, 2019 in Davie, Florida.

The conference focuses on advancements and applications of airborne geophysics for ground water, mineral, petroleum, geotechnical and hazards investigations and features several SkyTEM case studies including a talk by Nicklas Skovgaard Nyboe (Chief Geophysicist), SkyTEM, Denmark, on processing techniques for SkTEM’s high and low moment data.

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SkyTEM survey in Alaska for White Rock Minerals

White Rock Minerals has contracted SkyTEM to conduct a 3,000 line kilometre airborne electromagnetics (AEM) survey commencing mid April. SkyTEM is projected to start within a fortnight, with this work having never been done across the entire project area.

Read the entire press release from White Rock Minerals here.

A SkyTEM312 HP survey to begin for Kavango Resources in Botswana

The survey will be flown with SkyTEM’s innovative new generation 312 HP (High Power) technology for deep exploration. This High Power system, with a peak moment up to 1,000,000 NIA, is optimized to provide an exceptional depth of investigation due to the high moment (HM) mode with high current and low base frequency of 12.5 Hz. This system has only been on the market since 2017 and therefore, represents a major advance in AEM systems.

Michael Foster, Chief Executive Officer of Kavango, commented:

“We are pleased to be able to announce the start of Phase 2 of the AEM Survey. SkyTEM’s new High Power system will allow us to investigate the potential for Cu-Ni-PGE rich sulphide orebodies at much deeper levels and with greater resolution than older systems”.

Watch the video on YouTube and read the news release published by Kavango Resources here.