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Mapping the Subsurface with Airborne Geophysics

SkyTEM systems do what no other single airborne geophysical system can – map the near surface in high resolution concurrently with accurate measurements to depths approaching 500 m.

Engineered to detect subtle geological variations SkyTEM delivers a comprehensive interpretation of near-surface geology and increases confidence in modeling deeper geology. Furthermore, inverted data is available in 48 hours. SkyTEM’s suite of systems satisfies the most challenging mapping needs and offer a wide range of solutions for resource management.

SkyTEM systems are designed to detect subtle variations in conductivity/resistivity making it possible to deliver accurate high resolution images of alterations in the earth. The magnetometer and gamma ray spectrometer are mounted directly on the frame so that measurements are made as close to the ground as possible from an airborne geophysical platform.

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Mapping the Subsurface
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